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With any collectible comes one inevitable question: "How can I obtain these?" There are three basic answers:

  1. Travel to Disney's Magic Kingdom and play the game yourself.
  1. Turn to the "Inflated" prices of eBay.
  1. Trade.

Trading has been a huge part of Disney since Disney Merchandise was created. People trade Park Maps, Pins, Vinylmations, and Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom cards. Sure people trade in the parks but mostly people trade online and what better vehicle than Facebook to launch a trading group.

Many Sorcerer's are turning to the "Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom" Facebook group to complete their collection of cards ( The group is open to everyone and rules are simple: make friends, trade cards, and have fun.

The "Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom" Facebook group stays current with breaking news pulled from various Disney-related blogs and game play information provided by the "Community" itself.

Come to Trade, Come to Learn, Come to Strategize.

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