Rafiki in The Lion King

Rafiki is a guide in Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom.

His first appearance is in the 1994 Disney film 'The Lion King'. He appears as the Royal Mjuzi, christening Simba and lifting him up high for all the animals to see. Soon after, he is seen painting an image of Simba three times:

  • The first one he puts the mark over Simba's head once the painting is done. Showing that Simba was christened as the future king.
  • The second is him wiping the image a way, symbolizing Simba's apparent demise upon hearing about it from Scar.
  • The final being him adding in the mane, showing that Simba was alive and "It is time!" for the king to return.

After that, he appears before Simba, confusing but assisting the young lion into realizing that he cannot run from his destiny and must return home. Namely by having Mufasa appear in the heavens and tell Simba to return. His final three appearances in the movie are during the battle, in which he fights off a few hyenas and beats one of them off of Simba. The second appearance being when he points upward to Pride Rock and tells Simba that "It is time." and the final one being when he lifts Kiara up for all of the animals to see.

After the events, he continued to be the Royal Mjuzi for Simba and began teaching his new apprentice Makini in 'The Lion Guard', before he worked with Mufasa to help get Kovu and Kiara together in the follow up 'The Lion King II: Simba's Pride'.

Adventureland Edit

After Merlin is ambushed on the Jungle Cruise attraction, he informs the Sorcerer that 'Rafiki will guide them' in his stead and leaves. Rafiki then appears from his tree and begins to tell the Sorcerer was is going on, using drawings he made, of course.

"Scar has returned, in spite of his big fall. This is a very dark trick! It breaks the Circle of Life. Only one who is also broken could do this, you see?!"

After Scar's plan is revealed, Rafiki tells the Sorcerer that they must stop Scar and fix 'this broken circle'. As the Sorcerer progresses, he informs them of what to do, including stopping the hyenas, showing them the truth about Scar and even telling them to stop Scar as he bargains with Hades again. While he doesn't make a second appearance in the alternative end to the battle, he does in the first. Claiming this while Scar demands the Sorcerer to leave or he shall stampede the elephants.

"Ah~! That Scar is a tricky one! But ol' Rafiki already sent the elephants home! Hohohahahahahaaaa!"

After which, he demands that the Sorcerer blow Scar away and reappears [in both endings] on Merlin's boat, waving bye to the Sorcerer as Merlin asks if they can spare the time to help some more.

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