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Starting off at the Main Street Firehouse, Merlin welcomes guests to his special hideout, teaches guests the basics of the game with portal use and spell cards, and begins telling the story. Hades, bored with the nothingness of the Underworld, is looking for a new summer home with the Magic Kingdom park looking like an ideal spot, though Merlin stands in his way. He sends Pain and Panic to Merlin's home to steal the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom, a powerful artifact that keeps evil forces in check at the park, but end up awakening Merlin in the process. In a brief scuffle, the crystal is shattered and sent to different places throughout the park. Annoyed, Hades decides to call in a team of villains to help retrieve the crystals for him including Yzma, Jafar, Scar, Maleficent, Ursula, Ratcliffe, Dr. Facilier, Chernabog, and Cruella de Vil.

Main Street U.S.A

Main Street only features Cruella deVil as a villain, though is also home to Sorcerer Training with Merlin at the Fire Station.

Cruella De Vil

Pongo serves as the guests' guide in this quest. Cruella has made a deal with Hades (disguised as Boss Teal: Underworld Crime Boss) to have all the dalmatians in her possession in exchange for the legendary crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Cruella sends Horace & Jasper to catch the dogs for her.

Meanwhile, Pongo called on the local dogs to help guard the crystal, but they are thereatened by Jasper & Horace, who start thinking that the dogs are in cahoots with Merlin while in their truck and plan on harming the dogs so they can get the crystal. The guests stop the duo by destroying their truck by using the Sorcerer's Crest (the symbol on the back of the spell cards).

The guests then go to confront Jasper, who is setting up a trap for the Puppies. He, however, spots the guests and tries to subdue them using fireworks, only to have a barrell dumped on him. Merlin then informs the guests that some of the captured Puppies are in the local stables and Pongo has gone to help.

Cruella informs Hades that the Dalmatians are guarding the crystal piece and she goes off with Hades to start the fireworks display that will cause a distraction as they steal the crystal. Cruella orders Horace to get rid of the dogs. The guests then use the Sorcerers Crest to stop Horace and save the Dalmatians.

In order to get the crystal, Cruella,breaks into Merlin's Secret Main Street Vault by crashing her car through the wall of said vault. The guests do battle with Cruella, but she is able to get into the Vault. It is revealed that as the guests kept Cruella busy, Perdita and the Puppies had just enough time to switch the Crystal piece with a pile of chew toys. The park guests, with the help of Pongo and Merlin, defeating Cruella, and infuriating Hades once he finds out. Merlin then congratulates the guests and gives them their new assignment.


Three villains are located in Adventureland: Yzma, Scar, and Jafar.


Kuzco serves as the guest's guide in this mission. He tells them how Yzma has been recruited into helping Hades, in the guize of a local Underworld God named Lazuli, to retrieve the crystal and conquer Adventureland in exchange for being declared "Empress of Adventureland". Looking to the old transformation potions, she and Kronk plot to turn the people into alpacas and comfortable sweaters using tainted goodies made by Kronk.

They first test the alpaca potions on a guard that battles the guests, who is sent flying back down the stairs into the laboratory. At the next portal, Kronk and his shoulder angel are considering whether or not the potions will mess with his kabob recipes, though Hades comes in at his other shoulder to encourage him to stay the course. Using the Sorcerer's Crest, Kronk's stand is blown up and he retreats to his kitchen. There, guests battle Kronk, knock him out and destroy his contaminated platters. Guests finally go to Yzma's lair to battle her, where she attacks with magic draining potions. Woozy from battle, Yzma is finished off when she is hit with a sweater potion, leaving Hades angry with the result when he stops to check in. Merlin and Kuzco appear in the Tiki Room and congratulate the player before sending them on their way to another mission.


The Genie serves as the guest's guide in this mission. Here, Hades, under the name and disguise of Prince Azure, has taken Jafar's lamp used him to capture Merlin and search for the crystal. However, Jafar has Iago helping him once more in an effort to try and break free of Hades' control and trap him in the Cave of Wonders. Iago battles guests with the magic of the Sultan's ring. Defeating him, Jafar takes him out of there and heads to the Cave of Wonders. After defeating Iago Hades is frustrated with Jafar's lack of progress in finding Merlin and tells him to take his original form. Jafar spies the guests and sends in a copy of his serpent form to battle them while he goes after Merlin. Genie heads off to deal wtih the guards while guests free Merlin from entrapment inside a lamp with the Sorcerer's Crest. But even after breaking out, Merlin and Genie have difficulties with Jafar inside the Cave of Wonders and is placed inside a chest. Iago comes in with Jafar's Lamp during the chaos and Merlin manages to break free to battle Jafar leaving guests to retrieve the lamp from Iago's clutches, allowing Merlin to seal Jafar again. Genie breaks free and leaves with Merlin before Hades arrives. Merlin and Genie congratulate the park guests before sending them on their way to another mission.


Rafiki serves as the guests' guide in the mission. Hades has revived Scar from the dead to retrieve a crystal piece in exchange for immortality. This is enough for Scar to rally the Hyenas under his thumb again and they are gifted with dark magic as well. He plots to create chaos in the Pridelands and destroy Adventureland by starting a massive elephant stampede. The guests battle Banzai and manage to discredit Scar in front of the Hyenas by using the Sorcerer's Crest. Hades is frustrated with Scar's lack of progress and after battling the guests. Hades gives Scar a second chance and transforms him into a massive red storm cloud that is ultimately dissapated by the park guests sending him back to the underworld, leading Hades to facepalm and question why Scar even wanted to be a giant cloud. Rafiki and Merlin congratulate the guests while riding in a  Jungle Cruise boat and send them on their way to another mission.


Two villains are located in Fantasyland: Ursula and Maleficent.


Sebastian serves as the guest's guide in this mission. He tells of how Ursula has made a comeback when Hades pulls her from the River Styx to help out on his conquest. But she plots to use the crystal for her own plans and with Flotsam and Jetsam, intends to break down a sea wall to flood Fantasyland and Cinderella Castle. The guests, along with Sebastian and Ariel manage to follow her to a shipwreck only to run into Flotsam and Jetsam. After defeating them and moving to the next portal, Ursula sends Glut after the guests. After defeating the shark, the dark magic left behind allows guests to track the sea witch, only to find Ariel trapped in the castle. Merlin arrives to help, only for him and Sebastian to realize she's an imposter, calling on the guest to use the Sorcerer's Crest to expose the facade. Ursula is revealed and heads out and while Merlin tries to handle the floods, guests are left to defeat Ursula. While searching for spells and ignoring Hades' calls in a crystal ball to drain the castle, Ursula battles the guests, dissappearing upon her defeat and leaving Merlin and Ariel to congratulate the guests from the castle moat before Merlin sends the player onto another mission.


Merryweather serves as the guest's guide in this land. Maleficent has returned and kidnapped Flora and Fauna and plots to take over Fantasyland with the crystal piece she's found instead of giving it to Hades. Merryweather and the guests' travel into Maleficent's castle to free them. Beating one of Maleficent's Goons and breaking through a door with the Sorcerer's Crest, the other fairies are freed. Continuing onward, Maleficent sends the crystal with a goon to power a special device and battles guests before retreating to continue her plans. Hades is summoned, having suspicions of Maleficent's treachery which she manages to diffuse and upon leaving, Maleficent promptly casts her spell and engulfs a village in thorns. The Three Fairies manage to break up the thorns by combining their magic with the Sorcerer's Crest. Finding Maleficent in her lair plotting another trap, she transforms into her dragon form to battle the guests. Upon her defeat, Hades comes in to find the trap and Maleficent's remains, dissapointed he left her to her own devices. Merlin and the fairies celebrate at the Mad Tea Party while Merlin gives the park guests another assignment.

Frontierland/Liberty Square

Two villains are located in Frontierland and Liberty Square: Governor Ratcliffe and Dr. Facilier.

Governor Ratcliffe

Pocahontas serves as the guest's guide in Frontierland. Ratcliffe is freed from prison by Hades, in the guise of Lord Indigo of the East India Trading Company, and makes a deal to have control over Pocahontas' land in exchange for a mystic crystal. Ratcliffe agrees but soon enough, Ratcliffe begins to panic as the crystal in nowhere in sight but being that Pocahontas knows the land, he kidnaps Meeko to force Pocahontas into help him find it. Fortunately, the guest defeats Ratcliffe by blasting him with magic having him fall overboard. Merlin, Pocahontas and Meeko congratulate the guests while sailing on aTom Sawyer Island raft before Merlin assigns the guests their next mission.

Dr. Facilier

Mama Odie is the guest's aide in this mission. Facilier has been revived from the dead by Hades and is recruited to find the legendary crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Facilier also decides to extract revenge on Tiana for his demise and take over New Orleans. He assigns his shadows to find the crystal and frees Lawrence from prison to poison the food at Tiana's Palace having the citizens of New Orleans under his control. Meanwhile, he kidnaps Tiana but while he has a conversation with Hades, Tiana is freed by the park guest. Facilier retrieves the crystal and plans on getting Tiana after he becomes ruler of the city. Facilier battles the park guest after Lawrence and his shadows were defeated. Facilier himself is turned into a frog and taken back to the Underworld as a result of his failure. Merlin, Mama Odie, Tiana and Louis congratulate the guests while sailing on the Liberty Square Riverboat before Merlin gives the guests their next assignment.


Once all the villains are defeated, Merlin decides that it's time to reassemble the crystal and foil Hades' plans once and for all. But no sooner does he try to look for the crystal when Pain and Panic, initally in their cute woodland critter forms, make off with the final shard of the Crystal,leading Merlin to discover that Hades has managed to create his own series of portals around the park for his villain army to enter through. Using the Sorcerer's Crest, the guests help Merlin jump right through one of those portals and stop Pain & Panic from delivering the final crystal shard to Hades. Hades soon gets wise to what's going on and decides to summon Chernabog to fight the guests. Thankfully, the guests defeat the demon and arrive at the main arena of the Underworld just in time to stop Hades from leading his army of generic skeletons and Disney Villains into the Magic Kingdom.

With Merlin's help, the guests manage to seal away all the villains, including Hades, within the reconstructed crystal, by using the Sorcerer's Crest one more time.

Merlin then returns to his home to relax and gives the guests a medal of honor dubbing them as "Master Sorcerers", to reward them for helping him save the park, while Hades and the other villains are trapped inside a snowglobe.

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