Portals for all the lands in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. The main indicator for the location of a Portal will be a nearby padlock that looks out of place (on the side of a window that cannot be opened anyway, for example.)

Main Street U.S.AEdit

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Main Street, USA

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Main Street, USA

Portal 1 - (Location) - Wave SymbolEdit

Outside the Uptown Jewelers store, under the green shade and sign.

Portal 2 - (Location) - Raindrops SymbolEdit

Outside the Uptown Jewelers store, under the white balcony at the enterance to the alley. This Portal is separate from the Wave Symbol, despite being outside of the same shop.

Portal 3 - (Location) - Victoria Cross SymbolEdit

"The Little Mermaid" shop window outside the front of the Emporium near the Sorcerer Training Station in the Fire Station.

Portal 4 - (Location) - Sun SymbolEdit

Mickey Mouse Cartoon poster inside Main Street Cinema: "Building a Building"

Portal 5 - (Location) - Four Leaf Clover SymbolEdit

Near the Stroller rental area, this Portal is disguised as a train information board behind the stairs to the Main Street Train Station.


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Adventureland

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Adventureland

Portal 1 - (Location) - Lightning Bolt SymbolEdit

This Portal is on the lighthouse next to the Pirates of the Caribbean queue

Portal 2 - (Location) - Snowflake SymbolEdit

Enter Tortuga Tavern (Counter-Service Dining). Towards the back, where the toppings bar is located, is a fireplace. This is the Portal.

Portal 3 - (Location) - Moon SymbolEdit

Inside Sunshine Tree Terance on the right side, near the tables - look for a board with a tiki mask in the center.

Portal 4 - (Location) - Fire SymbolEdit

Entering Adventureland from Main Street, stroll towards Aladdin's Magic Carpet until you see a display with a lamp not unlike the one in the Aladdin series. Alternately, you could pass by the Dragonfly Portal in Frontierland, take a right into the storefront, and pass until you see the display, or walk past the Lizard Portal, take a left into the store, and find the display that way. The display is the Portal.

Portal 5 - (Location) - Insect SymbolEdit

Near an exit for the "Meet the Faries" character building is a window partially surrounded by a fence. The window should have the ubiquitous padlock that indicates a Portal location right on the frame.


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Fantasyland

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Fantasyland

Portal 1 - (Location) - Three Stars SymbolEdit

Look in the alcove under the Sir Mickey's store sign. The arch that looks to be able to hold a stained glass window will be the Portal.

Portal 2 - (Location) - Crown SymbolEdit

Directly right of the Three Stars Portal should be a padlock on a fence surrounding an outcropping of the building. Look for part of the Sorcerer's Crest inside the windows on the outcropping, and the Portal will be displayed over the crest.

Portal 3 - (Location) - Frog SymbolEdit

Pass by the Crown Portal, and one should see a chalkboard in a window of the building, across from Cinderella Castle. As usual, keep an eye out for the padlock.

Portal 4 - (Location) - Spiral SymbolEdit

Window right next to part of the line for Mickey's Philarmagic.

Portal 5 - (Location) - Shield SymbolEdit

Outside of the Royal Dressmaker's store, head towards Liberty Square. The Portal is in a window directly between the Dressmaker's store and Cinderella Castle.

Frontierland/Liberty SquareEdit

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Frontierland and Liberty Square

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map - Frontierland and Liberty Square

Portal 1 - (Location) - Eye SymbolEdit

Tucked in the corner, just to the left of Hall of Presidents (under the large free-standing awning). The Portal is behind a blue curtain, which will open when the Portal is unlocked.

Portal 2 - (Location) - Waves SymbolEdit

Portal is located on the left side of the building that houses the Liberty Square Riverboat queue. There is a walkway that leads up to it.

Portal 3 - (Location) - Dragonfly SymbolEdit

On the Frontierland/Liberty Square side of a walkway between Adventureland and Frontierland. Look for a window and a crate near the Diamond Horseshoe.

Portal 4 - (Location) - Fox SymbolEdit

Head into the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade and take a left. There is a corner hidden away at the end where you will find a Wanted poster on a bulletin board: this is the Portal you seek.

Portal 5 - (Location) - Lizard SymbolEdit

Just inside the Frontierland side of a the walkway between Adventureland and Frontierland (between The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and the Country Bear Jamboree). The Portal will be in a corner on your left (if going from Frontierland to Adventureland, or on your right (if going from Adventureland to Frontierland). Next to Frontier Trading Post.

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