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Double Star

Rarity: Star (Double Star)


Star cards are numbered 1-22

Star cards are also referred to as Double Star Cards. Originally, there were Solid Star cards that have since been fazed out.

1: Apprentice Mickey's Broomsticks

2: Belle's Mountain Blizzard

3: Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster

4: Doris’s Bowler Hat Attack

5: EVE's Laser Blast

6: Fa Mulan's Dragon Cannon

7: Flynn Rider’s Flying Frying Pan

8: King Triton’s Trident

9: Lythos's Rock Titan Boulder Throw

10: Maurice's Wood Chopper

11: Maximus’s Horseshoes

12: Merlin's Fireball

13: Monstro's Water Spout

14: Nib's Neverland Assault

15: Rapunzel’s Hair Whip

16: Robin Hood's Magic Arrow

17: Simba’s Roar

18: The Fairy Godmother’s Pumpkin Bash

19: The Giant's Giant Stomp

20: Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dust

21: Violet’s Force Fields

22: Woody's Cowboy Lasso

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