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Lightning Bolt

Rarity: Lightning Bolt

Extremely Rare

Lightning Bolt cards are numbered 61-70

The Lightning Bolt cards are the rarest cards in the game. While it was previously presumed that these cards were retired due to a lack of appearances in packs, it was recently clarified by Disney cast members that exactly one Lightning Bolt card is printed for every five thousand cards, with an approximate one pack in every thousand containing a Lightning Bolt card, although there is about a .0002% chance of getting a pack of Lightning Bolt cards only. Any given Lightning Bolt card has about a 1/10,000 chance of being received, making the odds of getting any of these cards without frequenting the parks very rare, especially since you can only get one card pack per day in normal game play, the exception being if you finish a round of the game. For that reason, many people who have complete sets and get a duplicate Lightning Bolt card or who live far from Disney and can not play often sell their Lightning Bolt cards on eBay, with average prices ranging from $200-500. There are also traders around the parks who will help people who need these cards to complete their collection, but it is suggested to have all the other cards first as this type of trade is usually hard to broker. One recommended trading location is at nightime at the Tortuga Tavern, across from Pirates of the Carribean, for this type of trading. Just be sure you're getting a fair trade. The Lightning Bolt cards are listed below and range from card numbers 61-70. They include powerful spells, as the spells are automatically a higher level, and feature many popular Disney characters which may be especially useful for planned quests in the New Fantasyland update.

61: Ariel’s Bubble Attack

62: Dumbo's Pink Elephant Parade

63: Finn McMissile's Missile Salvo

64: Hercules’s Tower Topple

65: Jasmine’s Magic Carpet Tassels of Fury

66: Mama Odie's Magic Charm

67: Merryweather's Stone Spell

68: Mr. Incredible's Power Heave

69: Mushu's Fiery Breath

70: Winnie the Pooh's Honey Bees

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