It is a rectangular object featuring an image, Flavor Text, a Card Number, a Card Type, and an Attack Power. The purpose of a card is to attack Villians in the game.

Card Rarities Edit

There are many different types of how rare a card can be. They are Lightning Bolt, Star, Solid Star, Planet, and Moon.

Card Usage Edit

  1. Select a card from your collection.
  2. Hold the card up to the screen face up. If the game asks for the Sorcerers of Magic Crest, hold the card face down up to the screen.
  3. Wait for the camera to scan the card.
  4. Watch what happens on the screen. If the villain has been deafeated, you will move on to the next portal. If not, repeat the process.

How To Get Cards Edit

When you register to play the game for the first time, the person at the table will give you four packs of cards. Some cards will be featured more than once.