Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an immersive, interactive game that asks you to help Merlin battle Hades and the forces of evil that want to destroy the park. Search for Mystic Portals and use your Spell Cards to save the day!


Hades, seeking to conquer the Magic Kingdom, summons various Disney villains to collect the four magical crystals in many of the park's lands.


To begin the game, guests must sign up at one of the two training locations, found at either the Fire House on Main Street or in Liberty Square near the Character Glade.

At the training location, guests are given a specialized park map pointing out various locations for the game, along with a Sorcerer Key card that activates the game screens and tracks the guests' progress and a set of Spell Cards. Locations included in the paper maps consist of every land except for Tomorrowland. The main play areas are Magic Portals, which Merlin opens up to allow you to interact with the characters and fight the villains. To activate a Magic Portal, tapping or scanning your Key card at a keyhole will activate the Magic Portal screen. The spell cards hold various attacks of differing strengths used to fight the villains.

As the screens are all functionally similar, a computer algorithm points guests to whichever nearby screen might be open at the moment upon completing a Magic Portal task. This is a means to prevent crowding at the Portals.


Guests must complete at least one mission before receiving a new pack of spell cards.

Guests wishing to collect spell cards must be present to obtain them from a Cast Member.

Cast and CrewEdit

Jonathan Ackley: Producer & Creative Director

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